Journal - Ride 95, Bare Minimum

Short Description About Today

  1. New Hill tried out!
  2. King of the Mountain achieved!
  3. Short post - battling time

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Real Quick

Very briefly, this ride was short, sweet, painful and well fun of course! Oh and I got a King of The Mountain (KOM) achievement too on Strava! T'was a while since I got me one of those... 

As can be seen below, this is the 'new' hill which we tried today for the very first time!



To be totally honest, I shouldn't have achieved that KOM as Mike (another cyclist) got to the top before me, maybe half a second or so but luckily for me, he wasn't recording the ride :)))).... dominance is mine!

That's practically it as I have to exit this house right about now!


Signing Out!

The Ride on Strava (Cycling App)

Highlights of The Ride

  • New Hill !
  • KOM

Drawbacks of The Ride

  • None

Name & Shame


Pic of the Day

Master Domenix overlooking my bike (not really) :)




The End


Cycle on!