Journal - Ride 104, Gruelling Race Day

Short Description About Today

  1. First Race of the Year
  2. Inconveniences
  3. Still had a ton of fun though!

What a great but ill-fated day


This marks my very first race for the year, one which murmured bad memories from last year due to the fact that I had roughly around 99 cramps during last year's same race and a couple more problems. However, this year was totally different. Still had to wake up at 4:45 am to catch the 6am ferry though, who wouldn't love that?!


The Race Setting

Basically, it's 7 gruesome laps at San Martin Hill covering around 60km with 1,100 meters of elevation. Tough.


Before the Race

There's nothing like having bowl fulls' of porridge and fruit at 5am!

We (Master Domenix, Brandon and Andre) were in Malta at approximately 6:25am and set off to San Martin whilst warming up by doing around 550m of elevation and 14km worth of distance.


The Bad

I've decided not to focus on the bad things for this blog post for the race-ride as that'll just be tiresome, boring and daft.

Inconveniences incoming! (I'll bullet point them as to not write much)

  • Lost my 2nd bottle with electrolytes in the 2nd lap
  • Rear wheel rubbed against brake pad (had to fix that during the race)
  • Continuous shoulder pain :(
  • Had a very bad cramp at the last lap, about 150m from the finish
  • On our way back to Gozo, had the pleasure of receiving 2 punctures on my rear wheel (with brand new tyres!) - A thank you to everyone who helped out! 

Master Domenix being impatient :D - whilst changing my puncture

That's that.


The Good

Unlike last year, I actually finished the race with a good-ish time and placing (Not really sure what these are at the moment), I'm basing the 'good-ish' on the fact that I had fun, didn't cramp much, held with my group and could keep my pace steadily until the last lap rogue cramp. Also finished around 5 mins (as I was told) behind the first group, which isn't bad at all considering that I didn't train all that much coming up to the race.

This is the excerpt from my SIGMA 10.0 Computer which roughly shows the race in full with some cool statistical figures.

Some more statistics! This time showing the 'suffer score' which is basically a score chart about my suffering...if you couldn't already tell. Quite, painful to see a suffer score of 113 :O and a max heart rate of 192 - which was reached! Cycling at threshold (Z4) for 16 mins and 20 seconds is nerve wreaking, needless to say.

Taken during the 1st Lap - I'm sure you can see me in my flashy red kit/bike combo


A Word

Cycling is truly a great sport. I say this because unlike in other sports where the main aim is to finish first and forget about all the other competitors. In cycling, although an individual-effort sport, you'll always have an unknown friend ready to help you out from a completely different team. And this comes in many forms, from cheering you on to continue, waiting for you to stay in the group and just being good fellas to everyone. It brings out the good in everyone.


My finish at the first race of the national points series in Malta - San Martin x7. Visit for more!

Signing Out!

The Ride on Strava (Cycling App)

Highlights of The Ride

  • Challenging
  • Race
  • Post-race feeling

Drawbacks of The Ride

  • Punctures

Name & Shame


Pic of the Day

Pre-Race photo taken at Mizieb


The End


Cycle on!