Journal - Ride 105, Rolling Hills

Short Description About Today

  1. Sunday Group Ride! 
  2. Rolling Hills
  3. Ramla
  4. Coffee!


Controlling the Roads

And what a groupo ride it was - group ride, where at times, the number of pesky cyclists terrorising the streets of Gozo was approximately 9!!!! We had the whole road to ourselves! What a bunch of selfish nutters we are!

Today was all about climbing some mean hills, namely Dwejra for about 9-10 times, Ramla to Nadur x2 and the ultimate climb of the day, Ramla to Xaghra which has some nasty gradient jumps, reaching a maximum of 16% at times. All of this, totalled to around 1830meters of elevation for this ride which took 4 hours and 10 minutes!

Then we obviously headed off to some coffee & iced tea @ the classical Electra and that was pretty much it.


 Side Note - excuse the lack of posts and quality of the posts at the moment, University work is currently in full swing!


Signing Out!

The Ride on Strava (Cycling App)

Highlights of The Ride

  • Perfect weather for the job
  • Group fun!
  • Coffee

Drawbacks of The Ride

  • None

Name & Shame


Pic of the Day

 Atop the hill that leads to Xaghra from Ramla

Atop the hill that leads to Xaghra from Ramla


The End


Cycle on!