Journal - Ride 98, Good Friday Special

Short Description About Today

  1. Ta' Ghammar Hill
  2. Gran Fondo


Gran Fondo

What a ride!

This ride is yet another testament to what I wrote about yesterday (the bike fit on steroids). I say this because had I not had that bike fit done, I'd probably be like a dying worm, jittering on the ground uncontrollably due to neck & lower back pain. If you don't already know, I cycled 205km, ascended 2538m and sat on the saddle for 7 hours and a half in the past 3 days, quite insane. Yet again, thanks to the bike fit, I feel much better having done all of that.

...this marks my 100th post in the Category 'Journal'. Don't let it confuse you though as I know this is 'Ride 98' but there are 2 others posts which weren't 'Rides' so yeah... Kinda fits the 100km ride too.


Anyway...onto the actual epic and longest ride for me in 2017!


Things have really turned around at the moment for me. I mean, check out my recent early starting times! We're talking 6am / 7am set-off times! Mind-boggling improvement from the comical 8am/9am ones!

So a 7:15am set-off time is quite good in my books and t'was a good thing that I started off that early else I would've turned into a burnt crisp since it was so sunny today (4 hours in the sun isn't nice).

Also, this is my longest ride yet of 2017!

April Gran Fondo Achieved

As usual, the ride start off with a few laps in the Qala route and then we went...everywhere really (well not really). I don't want to go into the details of where we visited because it would just get repetitive and boring, so I'll just be mentioning 2 places.

Firstly, we ascended up a new hill! Ta' Ghammar! And the only reason we went up that hill was because well it's Good Friday...everyone goes up that hill one way or the other and for us, it was our trusty road bikes that took us up to the top. That hill is quite challenge to be totally honest, it peaks at 23-25% gradient at times and is quite long too. Ah and the fact that it doesn't actually have a road-type surface makes it that bit more challenging for our puny road bikes as it's all natural terrain (which is great). 

And I achieved the KOM for it too!



The second place worthy of mentioning is...Electra! We re-visited for some coffee after a very long break from our favourite coffee place. Great coffee!

Some notes about the ride...

Yes 100k is a lot and when you factor in the length span of Gozo, it really starts to hurt your brain. Albeit, my longest ride in Gozo was 162km which was done a year ago, a true mental challenge. However, my goal for this year (and was for last year too but didn't accomplish it) is to cycle for 200km in one sitting. 

Cycling is a mind game.

This is just the beginning.

I think that's about it really...

Signing Out!

The Ride on Strava (Cycling App)

Highlights of The Ride

  • New Hill - KOM achieved!
  • Gran Fondo for April achieved!
  • Perfect weather
  • Great fun!

Drawbacks of The Ride

  • None

Name & Shame


Pic of the Day

On top of Ta' Ghammar - Steep hill with an average gradient of 15%!

The End


Cycle on!