Journal - Ride 106, Raceday & 'The Return'

Short Description About Today

  1. I return!
  2. Sunday Crit Race
  3. 31 DEGREES


...I'm back

Long time no talk.

27 days to be exact.

But I'm back! First things first, my exams are OVER (the main reason why I was out-of-duty). Meaning, I'll be annoying your Facebook feeds constantly until the next exams period.

Thank the internet-gods for Social Media.

In my blog-absence, I have amassed, along with my trusty bike/s - 9701 meters of climbs and 890 kilometres of distance in around 30 hours! Not too shabby eh...

Also, during the absence, some pretty cool stuff went down. Which I'll be revealing it all in about 15-20 days. :)


Onto today's ride!

Wasn't exactly a 'ride' unless you consider a bashing of 7 laps up the Penellu Circuit as a 'ride'. Usually 'rides' are more generous, forgiving, fun and generally easy... That was not the case for Today's schedule. No no...

But before I delve deeper into the hellish race let me start from the beginning of the day.

As you might have assumed, it was a very early morning for me, 4:45am to be precise, all to prepare my pre-race rituals and to catch the 6am ferry. 

It was the usual crew whom competed representing Gozo, me, Domenic and Brandon but we had the support of two new faces - Anthony & Andre who helped out by handing out bottles during the race and the pep talk/cheers.

  • Ferry Boarded : 5:50am
  • Arrived in Malta : 6:30am
  • At the race location : 6:55am
  • Race Start : 8:03am


The race featured 7 laps, embodying a total of 1,100m of elevation, a distance of 40km and a time of around 1hr 30 minutes. A real climber's trial.

And it was on. 

Gruelling from the very start. The weather didn't help either, peaking at 31 degrees Celcius at times which seriously doesn't help when you're trying to ascend a 10% gradient hill at over 180 heart beats per minute whilst trying not to die from exhaustion. 

This race was a serious tester to what my current 'fitness' is - quite dismal. 

I did try to stay with the lead group as much as I could but it was downright detrimental to keep on doing so. Stuck with that group until the 3rd lap (out of 7) when I decided (rather unwillingly) to step down the pace in order to actually finish the race. The race went on, I pushed with what I had, drank approximately 1.75 litres of electrolyte infused water, had 2 energy gels and finished what was the hardest race ever (not that I've raced much anyway).

And I finished it in the 19th Place, which considering that I didn't have much time to train (there's always an excuse), is pretty good for me!

That's pretty much the day sorted...


Or not!

We then (obviously) headed back to Gozo and had our well-deserved Coffee before heading home.

Signing Out!

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Highlights of The Ride

  • Perfect weather for the job
  • Group fun!
  • Coffee

Drawbacks of The Ride

  • None

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Pic of the Day

 Just before the finish line

Just before the finish line




The End


Cycle on!