Journal - Ride 107, Excessive

Short description about today

  1. The week in review
  2. Sunday Grupetto (group ride)
  3. 5 Coffees in 15 minutes

The week in review

Technically 13h 46mins but if I've learnt anything from 16/17 years of mathematics it's the fact that you should always round up to the nearest number whenever it's advantageous to you :)... NEVER ROUND DOWN!

As you can clearly see, I've pretty much had an extremely exhaustively-busy week (cue sarcastic chime). I mean, it's only 374km with 14 hours out of the week for my cycling *hobby*. 

I'll leave you at that since I'm too busy and can't afford to lose anymore time trying to explain the situation.

P.S - I am now 50km ahead of my yearly goal (which I failed to complete last year) of cycling 10,000km in 1 year. Check out my progress.


Today's Sunday Group Ride 18th June

Quite a windy nuisance.

Simply put, today's ride was mainly focused on torturing ourselves (Me, Andre, Master DOMENIX, Gerard, Anthony & Marvic), lapping Qala road for a couple of times in Force 5/6/7 winds (30-35km/h). 

Covering around 55kms in total lapping Qala road and then we headed off guessed it....a Cafe. The ONLY highlight of each and every Sunday Group Ride is the Cafe Stop (at least for me it is). Today's chosen cafe was Tamarisk where I over indulged, quite excessively, consuming 5 coffees. Lunatic.

Albeit, this was what was required to recoup sanity after such a tedious 55km route. And if mathematics has thought me something else, it was the power of addition, according to Google, I digested around 470mg of Caffeine & a hysterical amount of sugar in 15 minutes. My heart must love me.

Anyway, after that heart wrenching (literally) cafe stop, we headed to San Lawrenz/ Gharb / Ghasri and then BACK TO QALA. This is where I decided to call it a day due to other commitments and headed off home!

P.S.S -  Congrats goes to Anthony Busuttil for finishing his first Century Ride (100 Miles / 160.9km), beating Andre & Brandon to it :D.

Signing Out!

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Highlights of The Ride

  • Challenging & fun sidewind (Force 5/6/7)
  • Excessive amounts of energy
  • 5 Coffees

Drawbacks of The Ride

  • None

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Pic of the Day

 Taken a while back - Ghajn Melel

Taken a while back - Ghajn Melel



The End


Cycle on!