Journal - Ride 108, Time Trial Race Hiccup

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  1. Race Day

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My most anticipated race

Simple explanation : why? because Time Trials = speed, I like speed

  • Yes, I woke up early. (4:45am)
  • Yes, I caught the 6am ferry.
  • No I didn't cycle it all the way to Mtarfa (Reasons below)

But as you may not yet know, preparing for a race incurs a rather larger than life checklist. Which, I managed to screw up, quite horribly.

Scribbling on my trusty notepad - I always use pen & paper (gives the mind more flow for some reason), I jotted down an elaborate 'Pre-Race Items' that I NEEDED to take with me. The list contained no less than 20 items. Yes, 20 items. From my trusty track pump, 4 litres of water, to energy gels, electrolytes, a couple of inner tubes etc etc... 

And I forgot perhaps the object which most 'modern-era' cyclists depend on. My Sigma Rox 10.0 Cycling GPS/Computer.

Oh the woe.... The moment I had realised of my grave error t'was around 10seconds too late as I had just boarded the ferry. Distraught, to say the least. Alas, this the, albeit 'Hiccup' of the day. Quite a large hiccup too because I had dialled in my heart rate zones / cadence ranges for the race which I had completely no access to for the race itself :(. 

But, looking at things from a positive perspective, cycling/racing without a computer attached to your handlebars allows you to become seriously tunnel visioned and focused beyond measure (at least that's what I endured). Heck, my neck even thanked me because I didn't need to look down at my metrics every 5 seconds. I did however have to take out my Phone in the middle of the race to see which lap I was in and how much distance was left because I was literally lost.

The Race

 Before the actual race, I had devised yet another checklist. I called this checklist the 'Things to do before the race', I know I could have been a little more original but it was 10pm, on a Saturday (yesterday) night and I was half asleep. 

This list encapsulated the very basic necessities

  • Drink water
  • Check tyre pressures & inflate
  • Warm up on the turbo trainer for 25mins
  • Eat something !
  • Drink some more
  • Drink some ELECTROLYTES
  • Down an energy gel
  • GOGO


And the race was on! It was very strange from the start, not having my trusty computer telling me I'm going at a slow pace, but somehow, miraculously, I managed to place 12th out of 31 other cyclists. Which means a lot to me.

Covering 21km in a total time of 34minutes and 8 seconds, going at an average speed of around 36.9km/h - 37km/h (unsure because I couldn't track it accurately enough)!

And it was quite a brutal but yet extremely fun race, the most fun I've ever had racing for sure due to the simple reason that I love time trials...heh...go figure.

Finally, I'd like to thank Petra Wiltshire - whom currently lives in Gozo, extra points for Gozo! - (3 time Downhill World Champion)  for some cool pictures she took of me whilst doing the race! It was quite encouraging in a supportive way too, was forcefully pushing harder each time I passed by her just to look 'cool' on the pics :D, motivational to say the least ... The pictures are on the way :), cool your horses.



Signing Out!

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Drawbacks of The Ride

  • Forgot my SIGMA ROX 10.0 at home :(

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Pic of the Day

 Taken some time ago, race pics to follow!

Taken some time ago, race pics to follow!



The End


Cycle on!