Journal - Ride 110, Hitting 2 birds with 1 bike

Short description about the ride

  1. Can't summarise it

What a couple o' days

this all happened from 28th July through the 30th of July. A short but much needed trip to Sicily!

The Penultimate Day

Picture 1 - The pre-fueling food had to be filled with some nasty carbs so we opted for a late night PizzaHut delivery (of which we overshot and ordered much more than we had thought was physically possible to consume)

Picture 2 - Our bikes being checked in at 5am for the Virtu Ferry trip to Sicily!

Picture 3 - Oh the pain.... having a brand new bike tightened by a thick & dirty rope by it's top tube whilst resting on other bikes!

Picture 4 - We've arrived! Quite sunny in Sicily (no surprise).

Picture 5 - It would've been a sin had we not tried some famous Sicilian Cannoli 

Picture 6 - On our way to Modica on the first day (Friday)

Picture 7 - Pizza was pretty good, nothing special - probably a bad choice of restaurant


The Day

Whilst planning our trip to Sicily, we (Me, Brandon, Andre & Anthony) had but one goal in mind. The plan was very simple yet extremely far-reaching beyond our unbeknownst physical & mental capacity.

It may not seem like the most severe of challenges but for us it was something we had never done (and with good reason too - Gozo's laughable size).

And there was the weather too...since Sicily is just an hour and a half by boat away from Malta, we faced the same horrendous climates as Malta. Which meant that the temperatures would be just superb. Perfect for the ride. 

Peaking at around 38 degrees Celcius at times. Magnificent.  


  • we set off at 9am (on Saturday 29th July) - very bad idea
  • no time to stop at restaurants to eat
  • fuel sources : gels, water, energy bars ONLY for TWELVE (12) HOURS - another extremely bad idea
  • at around 5pm most of us had reached a point of *almost* severe exhaustion as we had literally no food and hadn't seen a cafe for around 2+ hours!!
  • finished the ride at 9:30pm (no light sources either in pitch darkness!), yep you read that right. We spent 12 hours cycling (a whole day) without any solid food.

The Pics & the story!

Ending on a very scary note - on Sunday, our neighbours were robbed! When we told our house-keeper he was very surprised as it had never happened. Something tells me that they (the robbers) broke into the wrong house and were originally after our bikes :O


Would I go again?

No doubt about it!


Signing Out!

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Highlights of The Ride

  • Just amazing

Drawbacks of The Ride

  • None

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Pic of the Day

there's enough pics up above




The End


Cycle on!