Journal - Ride 46, Hills ain't..

Short Description About Today

  3. 1000+ Meters
  5. Injured


Hills ain't fun in 30°C weather!

The ride was characterised by a freak ton of warm which I replied to by attempting to do some hills...yeah, BAD idea! I started off slow, by doing a very easy lap to Qala and then began my quest to do as many hills as possible. This was around 16:30 by the way. I thought the sun would've died down a bit by this time....BUT BOY WAS I WRONG!!! 


Started off with an easy Qala to Nadur hill which is my favourite *starter* hill as it's a constant 7% gradient with no real challenge. Then I embarked on what would come to be, the sweatiest session I've ever endured on my bike, RAMLA. I cycled from Ramla to Nadur twice, in succession but that was it for that hill as my heart rate was pounding at above 185+ (which is practically my Zone 5 - tons of stress). I probably gave off about half a litre of sweat (yuck right?)...might be over-exaggerating though.

Ghajn Melel

Afterwards I headed to Xaghra, went down to Marsalforn and then cycled up Ghajn Melel (7% to 17% gradient on unpaved, pothole ridden road!). Ghajn Melel is always great fun as you're panting away, trying not to fall of your bike after an 8 minute climb on one of the toughest climbs in Gozo in the blistering heat.....


Dwejra was up next where I cycled that for 2 times and also met Brandon along the way for the second lap. Dwejra was quite a 'joke' after the other way-more challenging hills as Dwejra is a constant 8-10% gradient with no 'surprise' sections. 

To finish off the ride, we headed to Qala so that I could get above 1000m of Ascension and then I headed back home.



Today (4th of August, the ride written about above was done yesterday - 3rd August) was supposed to be the 'long distance' cycle but sadly, I woke up at 5am (to start very early) with an injured back....Eh...I had even prepared EVERYTHING!! My pre-workout supplements were already laid out on the table so that I don't lose time scrimmaging in the morning to find my stuff. My cycling clothes had already been prepared, I even washed and gave my bike a quick maintenance - all to prepare for today's ride! Oh well...I guess it'll have to be another day! It doesn't matter how well prepared you may be, if an injury props up, take care of that first. Prevention is better than cure (if that applies here...)




Signing Out!


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Highlights of The Ride

  • Fun Hills
  • Challenging Hills!
  • 1000+ meters


Drawbacks of The Ride

  • None


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Pic of the Day


 Ramla View from Nadur on the saddle

Ramla View from Nadur on the saddle



The End


Cycle on!