Journal - Ride 35, San Martin Race

Short Description About Today

  1. 4:30am early rise
  2. Packed
  3. 6am ferry
  4. 6:50 at the Race Venue
  5. No warm-up (bad idea)
  6. 7:30 Race Start
  7. Scenic race
  9. Lack of water - DOUBLE CRAMP
  10. 9:52 Race Ended
  11. 7 laps - 61.5km - 2hrs 2mins - 1090m Elevation - GRUELLING
  12. Placed 15th - again!
  13. Series of events
  14. Back to Gozo

Up to the Race

All that greasy food the night before, was a massively bad idea. Another early rise, woke up a bit more tired than usual having only slept for 4 hours or so (that has to be fixed for the next race!) - thanks to my mum waking me up. Loaded everything into Joe's van and we went down to the ferry, all excited and nervous yet again. Until I got the feeling of a massive bloat under-powering me, which persisted throughout the whole day. 


Race Venue

We arrived at the race venue at around 6:50, changed into our cycling clothes, got chipped, took a photo and it was almost time to take off. I then noticed that my tyres were a little deflated, front was around 20psi and rear was 40psi (THAT IS VERY LOW BY THE WAY). Inflated them thanks to Magri Cycles' pump to around 100psi (life saver). I also noticed that my SIGMA ROX 10.0 was acting up as it wasn't recording any speed and Auto-Stopping and Auto-Starting all the time whilst recording very wrong speeds. I couldn't do much about that so I just left it as was.



And just like that, we were on our way to race up San Martin for 7 gruelling laps in dangerously slippery roads, strong headwinds and an awesomely competitive atmosphere. Had a good first 3 very wet laps as I stayed within the main group of cyclists. Until a break-away started to form, I got caught in the headwinds and was cut-off from the main group. Up until lap 5 I was in a group with 3 other cyclists, we were helping each other and having fun. Until...I decided to remove my arm warmers which sent a very chilling and painful ache to my back, (sudden drop in temperature)preventing me to breath properly (VERY BAD IDEA). Things started to escalate very quickly from that point, at the end of the 5th lap I also caught a very bad double cramp in both my legs which hindered my ability to cycle greatly, forcing me to drop to around 5km/h on a steep 13 degree hill.

Physically and Mentally, I was completely obliterated.

Demotivated and Thrashed.

With no reason to continue.

I was about to throw in the towel and call it a day... Until I said to myself.

But why would I want to simply Give Up?

Quitters never win.

Winners never Quit


This left me to cycle alone as I had lost the other group of cyclists I was cycling with. And then suddenly I see another lone cyclist come up from behind me and we cycled together until the finish line! 



I'm not going to blurt out any excuses, I just needed to be more strategic as to what I was doing the day before, my resting schedule and the food. 


Strategise your moves!


Signing Out!


Today's Ride on Strava (Cycling App)


Highlights of Today's Ride

  • The scenery
  • New roads (for me)
  • Race!


Drawbacks of Today's Ride

  • Lack of water
  • Cramps
  • 'Bloat' feeling all throughout the race
  • Dangerous, slippery roads due to rain


Name & Shame



Pic of the Day


 Before the race, on some guy's gate

Before the race, on some guy's gate


The End


Cycle on!